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COVID-19 Awareness

COVID-19 has created a challenge for all businesses worldwide; and just as you are doing, we are trying our best to meet those challenges and the needs of our customers. Understandably, during this time of social distancing, meetings online and working remotely have become extremely important. We aim to continue to serve our customers via online providers such as Google Hangouts and Skype, which provide video calling capacity, and even Discord or other voice chatting applications. We can still get the planning and consultation work done with you, so you can rest easy knowing that you will be better able to serve a client base that is increasingly turning to the online world. Let us know what method of contact you prefer, and we'll be happy to make that happen!

We wish everyone continued good health and wellness!

-- The Layer7 Software Solutions Staff

Sleek, Responsive Websites

Why a website?

A website is your first link to many customers, as online product research and buying continues to trend upward in the modern market. Does YOUR business need a website? Of course it does! Attracting a new customer base in this busy world demands an engaging and modern solution.
Your website needs to respond to your customers' needs or wants from your business. What are they looking for when they're trying to find you online? How do you want to provide those services to your customers? Online ordering or stock keeping? Booking appointments? Pure sales and e-commerce? There are so many possibilities!
Layer7 Software will build your website starting from how it looks on a mobile view, going all the way up to a desktop pc view and beyond if you so desire. Your website will be consistent, with an attractive look and feel no matter what device you view it on.

Custom Software Solutions

Why custom software?

Maybe it's a tool that helps you do business more efficiently. Perhaps it's an app that connects you to your customers for feedback on the go. It could even be a way for your employees to communicate between each other to help serve your customers better. You may already have software that just isn't doing everything you need it to, or you need a system that handles a more complete range of services.
It is vital that everything in that piece of software will meet or exceed the demands you have for it, and be a reliable and dependable tool to help you serve your customers.
Layer7 Software can either integrate our software with your existing systems, or create stand-alone solutions. We will work with you to gather all the information about your needs and wants, so that we know all the requirements the software must solve to achieve your goals. The best part? When the project is completed: you own the rights to your software!

Whether it is a stylish and responsive website or a piece of custom software that you need to improve your business, we are excited to realize your software dreams with you!

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